RaiseYourIQ Brain Training

RaiseYourIQ is an online brain training and brain fitness course for children right through to adults to raise IQ levels. The RaiseYourIQ “SMART” brain health course has been developed by education leaders and psychologists and is the result of over 10 years in research and development at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. RaiseYourIQ has just released new modules to the SMART brain training course. The new modules were developed with the assistance of a cross section of children and adults who tested the product extensively prior to its full release.

SMART stands for Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training and it is the first “brain training” product developed specifically for children right the way through to adults. RaiseYourIQ brain training course, which has been scientifically supported by dozens of published studies, provides practice at the core skills which SMART developers have shown to be the basic building blocks of intelligence. Fun and easy to use, this revolutionary new approach to brain training was developed by psychologists from the field of applied behavior analysis, a branch of psychology revered for its highly successful development of a wide range of educational techniques. This brain training course and methodology, until now reserved only for private fee-paying clients, is now available to the general public at a very affordable price.

To send your brain on a fitness course and start building your own intelligence, sign up to take the FREE intelligence assessment today.Then get brain training online, whenever and wherever suits you.

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