Brain Training Games News

Brain training news alert. RaiseYourIQ the only scientific proven braining training games for kids, adults, dementia and ADHD invites our users to explore our new site and updated range of brain training games. SMART brain training is a leading brain training program, brought to you by RaiseYourIQ and based on the proven science of Relational Frame Theory.

Our cognitive and IQ games have been created by psychologists to improve learning alongside core cognitive abilities. All our brain training games have been designed to be both fun and challenging. All the games from RaiseYourIQ are adaptable to people of all ages, from kids to adults, helping them to make learning easier, improve memory recall and exercise their brains to raise IQ.

Since 2011, RaiseYourIQ has made available the only brain training games that is based on the tried and tested science of intellectual skills interventions used in clinical settings (for example the methods of Applied Behavior Analysis), and that has been shown in published scientific research to lead to real, large, and objectively measurable gains in general intelligence (IQ). The research carried out by RaiseYourIQ founders has been

Source: Brain Training Games News

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