Free Brain Training Offered to Schools

RaiseYourIQ is please to announce that it is now offering FREE brain training to any and all schools and teachers. Schools are invited to sign up and get free licenses to RaiseYourIQ  SMART Brain training which is an intervention based intellectual skills training solution for kids and students.


SMART brain training has strong scientific evidence following 2 years working with teachers and schools. RaiseYourIQ published studies show that students, who completed the SMART brain training course which is based on research into “Relational Skills”, have significantly raised their IQ (10-20 on average) plus also improved on cognitive skills, problem solving, reading, literacy and language skills.

RaiseYourIQ co-founder and one of the leading researchers into “Relational Frame Theory” Doctor Bryan Roche states that relational skills training has been shown in published research to impact intellectual ability scores (measured using the WISC) and in independent research into relational skills have shown that our ability to understand abstract relations corresponds to scores on standard IQ tests (e.g., the WAIS and Kaufman’s brief intelligence test). One published research paper (Cassidy, Roche & Hayes, 2011) described how a range of different children (four normally developing and eight educationally challenged) were provided with a fully automated relational skills training method on a computer in once to twice weekly sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes across several months. IQ tests (WISC III) were administered before the relational training and several weeks following the completion of training.

At the outset of the study, the four normal children had an average IQ of 105 (ranging from 96-119). This is typical of normally developing children. Nevertheless, this average IQ was raised to over 130, which is called high functioning or exceptional. Children in this intellectual range are often referred to as gifted. The lowest IQ among the normally developing students following the intervention was 128 and the highest was 137. This means that these children’s intellectual ability was moved from average range to within the top 2 percent of the population concludes Doctor Roche. The affordable and easy access to educational interventions to hone the foundational educational skills of any child has the potential to democratize education states RaiseYourIQ Director of Learning, Doctor Sarah Cassidy.

RaiseYourIQ wants to offer any and every school free access to our SMART Brain Training. It can be quite impractical for a school to try to bring up to speed a child who is years behind in educational attainment due to a lack of investment in that child in their earlier years, by parents or otherwise. The identification of relational skills as the basic building blocks of intelligence, however, offers the possibility of re-mediating these deficits in a very efficient way so that educational efforts will be more effective and so that any child whether gifted, disadvantaged or with normal IQ can reach their educational potential in an expedited fashion.

To learn more about Brain Training and to sign up your school for free, please visit RaiseYourIQ Brain Training.

Brain Training Free

Brain training free exercises to download or free introduction course with a free IQ assessement test. At RaiseYourIQ we offer any visitor 2 ways to get brain training free lessons. The first way is to sign-up for a free brain training trial account. The first 15 lessons on the SMART brain training course are free which includes an IQ assessment test, apart from your email address no other information or credit card is required. Most of our students find this the easiest way to experience how brain training will help raise IQ levels and improve intelligence.

Brain Training Free

The second to avail of brain training exercises for free is to download our “Brain Training Free lessons” from our blog. This brain training is a series of questions in a PDF document that you can print off. No registration or information is required, just download and start working that brain fit.




Free Brain Training Exercises

Challenge your brain health with these free brain training exercies. is the only proven scientifically based brain health training course and we are passionate about improving the intelligence levels of all people so these free brain training teasers are a great introduction for kids or adults to challenging your brain to be smarter and fitter. Download the brain training lesson below, it is completely free, no email or sign up required and we hope these lessons will be useful to teachers, parents, kids, adults, in fact anyone who cares to reach their reaching their intellectual potential.


To get going on the free brain training exercises, download and print the pdf file containing a series of brain exercises that you can do at home, while relaxing, in a classroom or maybe even as a team building exercise!
Don’t put off untill tomorrow what you can start today, so lets get going to improving your brain health. Just download the lessons and print it off or view it on your mobile device. The lesson consists of a series of scientifically developed brain-teasers that you can try to solve wherever and whenever it suits. While this free brain training should be fun, every teaser is scientifically designed to improve your intelligence and we encourage you work on each one in sequence and practice regularly in order to experience some IQ gains.

For long lasting brain health and brain fitness, you can get more brain training free lessons online, just sign up for a free trial (again no credit card required) at RaiseYourIQ is the only scientifically proven brain training course to raise your IQ by 20-30 points.

Download the lessons now and get your brain fitter with some free SMART brain training from

Free Brain Training Exercises.