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Brain training news alert. RaiseYourIQ the only scientific proven braining training games for kids, adults, dementia and ADHD invites our users to explore our new site and updated range of brain training games. SMART brain training is a leading brain training program, brought to you by RaiseYourIQ and based on the proven science of Relational Frame Theory.

Our cognitive and IQ games have been created by psychologists to improve learning alongside core cognitive abilities. All our brain training games have been designed to be both fun and challenging. All the games from RaiseYourIQ are adaptable to people of all ages, from kids to adults, helping them to make learning easier, improve memory recall and exercise their brains to raise IQ.

Since 2011, RaiseYourIQ has made available the only brain training games that is based on the tried and tested science of intellectual skills interventions used in clinical settings (for example the methods of Applied Behavior Analysis), and that has been shown in published scientific research to lead to real, large, and objectively measurable gains in general intelligence (IQ). The research carried out by RaiseYourIQ founders has been

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Is Brain Training Just A Game?

Is brain training an intellectual skill to learn or just a game for fun?. With the increase awareness of mental health there is allot of discussion on the web about brain training, brain health and how to improve one’s IQ. Firstly the psychologists with support from clinical trials and data (experts in the field of relational frame training) at RaiseYourIQ have pinpointed that the only real meaningful brain training solutions are the ones focused on improving a person’s relational skill and not just memory re-call which games focus on. This is where brain training games has its limitations as in education,business and everyday interaction, our brain needs to be able to understand much higher levels of relational skills because we all need to be able to perform more complicated understandings. A brain training game while fun cannot work on the brains relational skills we need to understand mathematics, science, language, to read and speak well. The psychology team at RaiseYourIQ having conducted over 10 years scientific research along with clinical studies into relational frame training and how it corresponds to IQ.

Does Brain Training Work?

This same question could be asked of any online skills course. If you take an online language course to learn Spanish, then after a period of time you should be able to better understand and speak Spanish. This can be validated by taking assessments and tests as part of the course. The same applies to a brain training course. After a defined period of time, assessments and tests should indicate to you how much your brain has become fitter across a number of relational skills. SMART Brain Training is a education course to deliver a targeted interaction that challenges the brain to facilitate learning faster and easier, meaning the benefits that go beyond performance on the brain training course itself into school,business and everyday life. Why not take a free IQ assessment and no obligation trial.