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Science has proven you can improve IQ. In this article, Dr. Bryan Roche outlines why our IQ is not fixed for life and it is time to change our view of intelligence.

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You have probably heard that you cannot improve IQ.  But that is not strictly true.

Can we improve IQ or is IQ fixed for life? Well, you may have read in various places that your IQ is fixed for life. That is somewhat true – but for surprising reasons is also misleading. In truth the apparent stability of your intelligence is somewhat of a trick conjured up by intelligence test developers, psychologists and statisticians who have already started their work from the position that you cannot improve IQ meaning intelligence is fixed for life.

This idea is based on little more than the intuition of Sir Francis Galton, and the pondering of some early IQ researchers such as Catell, Spearman and Sir Cyril Burt.  Some of these researchers had political motivations for this position, and indeed Sir Cyril Burt was posthumously disciplined for by the British Psychological Society for faking his IQ research data to fit with the idea that IQ is fixed for life and is determined biologically.

No psychological research has ever FOUND that intelligence is fixed for life.  Instead, tests for general and specific intellectual ability are developed in such a way that your score from one test take to another (say a year apart) will not change much.  The simplest way in which this is achieved, is by masking the gain in your improvement over time by NOT calculating your real raw score on the test, but instead calculating your score in terms of how it compares relatively to people of your age.

Because everyone of your age is improving intellectually at the same rate this way of scoring the IQ test creates the false impression that you are not getting any smarter.  Indeed, the whole population is getting smarter (an effect known as the Flynn effect), but tests are regularly revised to make sure that this is disguised.  The tests are designed in advance so that someone in the bottom 20 percent of the population, for example, will continue to score well below the average score.  As the population becomes smarter, the gap closes between the raw score of someone on the 20th percentile and the average score of someone on the 50th percentile (always defined as a score of 100).

The newer tests open the gap again to keep the low scorers scores down and away from the average score.  This is intended to disguise the fact that the lowest scorers in the population are in fact doing much better than people just one generation ago.  More illusion and confusion for the genal public!

You Can Improve IQ and The Data Proves it!

Aside from errors in the logical argument that IQ must be fixed for life, based on the finding that your IQ scores do not change across time much (when the test is rigged to guarantee that!), it is simply NOT true that people do not develop and improve intellectually. Admittedly, the evidence is weak that you can achieve large IQ gains from simply playing a brain training app.  But the evidence is not weak, that you can show improvements in IQ from targeted educational interventions, such as those developed within the field known as Applied Behavior Analysis. Practitioners in that field have, for many decades, been producing exceptionally large IQ gains in children with learning difficulties.

Across many scientific papers that I (Dr. Bryan Roche) and others have published over the past decade, it has been shown repeatedly that scores on a wide variety of standardized measures of intelligence and cognitive abilities, can be raised significantly using a Relational Frame Theory-based intervention known as SMART (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training) that does not involve training of skills directly relevant to IQ tests.

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The SMART method is closely related to the types of techniques used in Applied Behavior Analysis and was developed across several peer reviewed scientific papers.  Calling the SMART method “brain training” may be a bit of an over-simplification.  It is targeted fundamental intellectual skills training done in a digital format.   We have argued for many years that this is clear evidence for “far transfer”. That is, we consistently get very large gains in IQ for most or all users of SMART training, that we have made available at, on every and all measures employed to asses intelligence (e.g., arithmetic, vocabulary, reading), despite the fact that our intervention is in no way “training to the test”. That is, there are no IQ test items in our training.

Our classic online training uses nonsense words only (no recognisable or nameable words or shapes of any kind). Our training for younger kids does use images and real words as a workup to the classic training so widely cited in the scientific research literature. We train only a small number of syllogistic-style reasoning tasks that we have discovered are relevant to almost every aspect of intellectual functioning.  But we do it across thousands of tasks over many months of casual training in an online game-like environment.

Despite the admittedly almost unbelievable results obtained for the effects of SMART training at, across several studies from several labs using several different measures across several different populations, the public is still not convinced that IQ tests of all kinds measure a flexible skill set rather than a fixed trait and that you can in fact Raise Your IQ. The data is out there. The data is published in peer reviewed scientific journals of all kinds.  The discussions of this data happen at conferences all over the world – but it takes time for these ideas to replace well-worn tropes about the fixedness of intelligence.  That old idea is stuck firmly in the public psyche, even though the evidence for this outdated position is questionable in terms of theory and incorrect in terms of empirical data.

WHAT underlies my IQ score then?

What our research program at Maynooth University, Ireland, has found, is that there is indeed an underlying factor that determines our IQ score, but it is not something we are born with – it is a skill set that is in fact quite easy to teach and improve.  That skill set is known as Arbitrarily Applicable Relational Responding (AARR), which is a technical way of referring to a very particular type of logical reasoning that underlies all higher levels of day-to-day intellectual activity (reading, problem solving, language acquisition).  Dozens of published studies in the field of Relational Frame Theory have shown that this skill is easily improved, and others, mostly using SMART training, have shown that when we do this, large IQ gains follow.

Here is an example of the type of AARR training task that we might use in SMART training. This example uses what we call nonsense words and requires the user to solve a logical puzzle of a very particular type.

CUH is opposite to DEJ

ARU is the same as GEY

ARU is opposite to DEJ.

Are CUH and GEY the same?

It is NOT important for the user to know the answer at the outset (the answer is yes!). This is not a test.  It is training.  What is important is that across thousands of such examples (many easier than this example) we teach users the correct answers, and so they learn the very large pattern of possible ways in which such logical statements lead to logical conclusions involving relationships among words or things in the world.  We increase the speed and accuracy of users on such tasks in logical stages, from the lowest level upwards, using an algorithm that we have worked out across research studies. When we do this people get smarter.

It is time to change our view of Intelligence

 SMART training for intelligence improvement

It is said that science is a self-correcting process. The data will always correct the theory and lead us forward in developing more effective ways to help people.  Now, old fashioned and outdated intelligence theory is moving further and further away from the empirical facts. The political reasons for holding on to those old ideas is hampering, rather than helping us in developing better interventions to improve IQ and raise the intellectual ability of the world’s entire population. It is time to move on and get with the data.  For more information and research references visit SMART brain training

Questions on how brain training works from RaiseYourIQ

Brain training questions on how to improve IQ, intelligence and memory along with free advice from our team of educational psychologists on cognitive training.

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Most popular questions

Is SMART Brain Training for Kids and Adults the same?

The brain training methods in both SMART Kids and SMART Adult are the same. However the SMART brain training course for children has backgrounds and animated characters that make it a lot more fun learning experience for children and big kids. Regardless of whether you want to raise your IQ for school,business or personal development, the SMART brain training course should take between 3 and 6 months to complete.

Brain Training : What Is A Relational Skill?

A relational skill is a skill involved in understanding the relationship between things in the world. Understanding the relationships between a set of cousins, or understanding that a particular group of plants are all of the same kind (e.g., flowers), or understanding that a Poodle is a type of dog but a dog is not a type of poodle, are all examples of basic relational skills. But of course, they get more complicated than this. The relational skills you need to understand high level mathematics or to read and speak well, are more advanced skills. SMART brain training teaches a range of basic but crucial relational skills and brings your relational skills to expert levels, so that all intellectual tasks come easier. SMART brain training makes you a faster and better learner. SMART helps new information make more sense, and helps you think more clearly.

What Does Brain Training Involve?

The SMART brain training course from RaiseYourIQ is divided into levels with blocks of questions. The course involves teaching the user how to answer blocks of logical questions, first with feedback – and then on their own without any help. There is 30 seconds to answer each question. During training blocks we tell you whether or not your answer is correct. During test blocks you need to answer all of the questions on your own. Once you pass a test, you move on to the next level. You progress like this through the levels, collecting points as you go. You even get bonus points for revising stages you have passed before, because the more you revise the smarter your brain will get. The course should take between three to six months to complete.

Why Is SMART “Brain Training” different?

SMART is not like any other form of brain training, and at RaiseYourIQ we use the term “brain skills training” , or a behavioural training course.<br> SMART Brain Training has been developed by education leaders and published psychologists following over ten years research in schools and university. SMART Brain Training does not work by merely improving working memory or teaching users how to perform well on IQ tests.  Instead, our SMART brain training course teaches the fundamental cognitive skills necessary to improve learning and reasoning in school,business and in everyday life.<br> SMART Brain Training enhances the entire intellectual skill set.<br> Some brain training “games” just focus on working memory, the SMART Brain Training course (we want our users to see this as an educational course with real world benefits) covers the 4 key areas of “Intellectual Performance”<br> (1). Verbal Comprehension – improve ability to listen to a question and draw upon learned information<br> (2). Perceptual Reasoning – improve ability to examine a problem, organize thoughts, create solutions, and then test them<br> (3). Processing Speed – increase attention to quickly scan, discriminate between and order visual information<br> (4). Working Memory – increase the ability to memorize new information, hold it in short-term memory and concentrate<br><br> Take a Free trial and Free Assessment to judge for yourself. 

What age group can benefit from SMART brain training?

At RaiseYourIQ we recommend that a person needs to have a mental age of at least 8 years of age to be able to engage fully with SMART brain training. There is no upper limit – older adults will benefit from the training, just as young people will. SMART brain training will help keep you at your peak mental performance, whatever your age or profession.

Is there a Brain Training Free Trial Option?

Yes. Our brain training free trial which includes a free assessment does not need any credit card details. Signing up could not be easier. Simply click on the “get started” button, fill in some details that we will ask you for, and that is it. Start raising your IQ today.

Can I use SMART brain training on my iPad?

Yes. SMART brain training site has been optimized to work on iPad and other portable computer devices. It also works across all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Explorer and Firefox. All the lessons and progress are stored on your account regardless of what device or app you are using to access RaiseYourIQ site.

Brain Fitness

To key to brain fitness is to schedule in a few times a week to complete the modules on the SMART brain training course. The fitter your brain becomes, the easier learning becomes. Brain training is all about having a fitter brain, it does take time and effort and over the course of the 12-16 weeks on average it takes to complete the SMART course users will see a marked improvement to how psychologists measure brain fitness namely, thinking ability, ability of the brain to focus better and improved memory skills. Think of brain fitness like a gym membership, you make best use of it when you make the time to exercise.

N Back Training

RaiseYourIQ offers n-back training for free as part of the SMART brain training course. N back is a brain performance task for memory and intelligence that is used as an assessment tool in cognitive neuroscience to measure working memory or fluid intelligence. The free RaiseYourIQ N-Back training is scientifically proven to improve the brains working memory and when combined with SMART brain training course can raise IQ levels by over 30 points.

Intellectual Skills

Intellectual skills training has to to with the brains reasoning, analytical, processing and problem-solving skills. Brain training is really intellectual skills training by another term as intellectual skills are what is needed to master tasks the brain performs. Psychologists define intellectual skills as behavioral capability to facilitate the performance of relevant tasks in a business,work or education setting. Intellectual skills training can be applied to most educational or business subjects or indeed psychological related activity to do with memory improvement and cognitive functions.

Brain and Cognitive Skills

Brain and cognitive skills exercises are at the core of the SMART brain training system. Based on over 10 years clinical research in universities and schools, SMART brain training consists of over 70 modules made up of several brain exercises with increasing difficulty levels that target all cognitive skills including verbal comprehension, reasoning, processing speed plus working and long term memory. Brain and cognitive abilities are the brain-based skills we all need to effectively carry out any task from the easiest to the most difficult. Brain training works by improving skill specific changes in the brain which then carry into bigger changes across many different types of skills training and learning ability.IQ tests and results demonstrate that as the brain becomes smarter at a skill, the brain no longer needs to work as hard at it. The brain now shifts to more automatic processing as that skill is learned.

Intellectual Development Help

Intellectual and cognitive development is not limited to children as adults brain functions also continue to grow throughout life stages. Intellectual development is all about our ability to process information,learn, think and understand various strands that surround our living world. Brain training works to improve our cognitive abilities and develop skills in logical reasoning, memory, maths, science, reading, writing and verbal comprehension. RaiseYourIQ has developed the “SMART” platform to help people improve IQ, expand their logic and reasoning abilities while matching thinking and planning abilities with actions.

Cognitive Training Exercises

Cognitive training exercises are a series of brain games, tasks and puzzles to be completed by the adult or kid user. Cognitive training (brain training by another name) works to increase fluid intelligence which can be defined as the the ability to solve “on the spot” problems that cannot be performed by relying on previously learned habits. Research has shown large improvement in the brains reasoning skills when people engaged in working memory training while people who consume trivia knowledge via games show no improvement in reasoning skills. Clinical data shows people who complete cognitive training will attain (a) high working memory, (b) high cognition skills while (c) addressing any cognitive deficits.

What is IQ?

IQ stands for “Intelligent Quotient” IQ relates to a score that a person or child scores from conducting a IQ test usually delivered by a qualified psychologists to assess level of intelligence. A persons IQ level should be used in conjunction with several intelligence scales and most modern psychologists consider IQ as a general indicator of intelligence. The most used standardised IQ test used today is known as the “WAIS”. This IQ test consists of seven verbal tests and seven brain performance tests. IQ is still used in schools, education and business – it can be used as a predictor for academic results and in a corporate setting as a predictor for job performance, usually through the guise of psychometric testing. Also you can read “How is IQ measured” elsewhere in our FAQ’s.

Brain fitness exercises

Brain fitness exercises are really intellectual skills development. Intellectual development like the “brain memory” game on RaiseYourIQ will enhance memory and cognitive skills. Designed by psychologists all the RaiseYourIQ brain training games work to improve the brains fitness levels leading to scientifically proven gains in thinking skills, information processing, fluid intelligence and reasoning skills. These intellectual development areas lead to an overall increase in IQ which can be used as a measure to see how fit or healthy the brain has become over a period of time. RaiseYourIQ includes a pre and post IQ assessment as well as ongoing intelligence assessment as the brain fitness routine progresses through the various learning stages in our intellectual brain training skills course.

Improve Concentration and Focus

Brain training exercises improve concentration, focus and memory. At RaiseYourIQ we see improving concentration as learning a skill which requires practice whether it is for school, business, work or help with ADHD. The RaiseYourIQ brain games which work to improve concentration, focus and memory are “Brain Speed” and “Brain Memory” , the user will see a big improvement in these cognitive areas after 4 to 8 weeks brain training. Over the training period the brain learns to ignore distractions, prioritize information and focus on detail plus a marked improvement in the brains attention skills which are needed to improve working memory. Upon completion of the brain training, the brain is more productive and tests will prove an improvement in IQ by 20-50 points.
Improve IQ Test Score

Increase Intelligence For Higher IQ?

People can and do increase intelligence to achieve a higher IQ. Let us start with what the word “intelligence” means. When the psychologists at RaiseYourIQ  talk about intelligence, they are about increasing a persons fluid intelligence, or a persons capicity to learn new information, retain it, then use that new knowledge as a foundation to solve the next problem, and learn the next new skill.

IQ or intelligence was once believed to be constant, fixed for life, today main stream science (do a Google search for “Relational Frame Theory”) has now accepted the ability for each of us to readily improve the fitness and power level in our brains.

Why increase my intelligence or IQ?.

A persons Intelligence is defined at the ability to learn, understand and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason. Being intelligent means having the ability to acquire and use knowledge for solving problems and adapting to the world. IQ is simply the unit of measure for expressing the results of intelligence tests. Specifically, IQ is the ratio of a subject’s mental age (as determined by their performance on an intelligence scale) and chronological age.

There are many types of intelligence, but only standard IQ predicts your success at school and in work. In fact people with higher IQ scores complete more years in school and have higher status jobs. Recent research has also found that people with higher IQs are also happier and healthier. While you do not need to have a high IQ for its own sake, improving your intellectual ability will help you deal more effectively with school and work challenges, as well as make decisions and solve everyday problems more easily.

So to make the most of the intelligence we all have, improving our memory with a brain training tool will help this significantly, think of it like using the very best and latest parts to help a machine to perform at its peak.